Spendenaktion Covid-Hilfe

Eine Spendenaktion auf Initiative von von Konrad „Costa“ Khaiseb, der auf die erschwerte Not der vernachlässigten Familien in den ärmsten Vierteln in Katutura (Windhoek) hinweist und um Unterstützung bittet.


Hier Costas Nachricht im Wortlaut:

Good day my fellow CAN colleagues.

Hope that the testing times of C19 is all going well and by Gods grace soon it will be over.

As we all know Namibia community is always neglected by our corrupt Government, who never caters for its own children woman and elders. And during the ongoing pandemic it has effected our Namibia society from job lost and more poverty in all aspects.

Yesyerday I made a tour through Silver town and went to hear already known problems, facing our poor.

It has come to my attention that whatever our Government potrays in the newspaper and media to assist the needy is not true and real but for their own gain. And it is so painfull to see how people go about daily lives without water food electricity and necesities.

Thats why it has to come to my attention to ask for from your kind CAN office to assist where need be.

I was thinking of giving out donations to households I have identified. Households with very very poor conditions.

Basic daily needs like
Bag og 10kg maize meal
Bag of 10 kg rice
Bag of 10 kg macaroni
Bag of 10kg sugar
Bag of 10kg flower to bake
Case of fish or beef can
5ltr oil
Yeast to bake with
Is what puts a big smile on this communities even if its for awhile.

Like always it will be highly appreciated.

For any clearity do not hestitate to conduct Costa Khaiseb…
I thank you for just listerning to my plea….