Berichte zu COVID-19 aus unseren Projekten

Das Coronavirus hat große Auswirkungen auf die Menschen in Nambia. Hier die Berichte aus unseren Einrichtugen im vollen Wortlaut:

„We are doing well over here. The soup kitchen is closed at the moment because of COVID-19 .We have a big challenge, people lost their job, no food in homes. I have 60 grannies and 45 families to support and also children to feed in the soup kitchen. We need to help these families. We are grateful for CAN that supported us last year to feed are grannies.“ – Frieda Kemuniko Geiseb, Frieda’s Community Support

„The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted our lifes. Firstly the kindergarten is our sole income provider in my family. We pay the water, the electricity, the food, the maintenance, the school fees for my dependencies – like my kids and grandchildrens – and many more other unexpected expenses with the kindergarten income. Now that the is no kindergarten we are very much negatively affected financially. We are surviving on the little savings we have. It is becoming difficult to pay the bills, but we have to stay strong and positive. Secondly the children at the kindergarten are also negative affected in their studies and playing time. They cannot learn English and Arts anymore and we don’t have the resources for such programmes of our lonely learners at home. But we tried reaching out to some parents to find out how the children are doing and give them tips on how to keep them busy. Most of them come from less privileged families and cannot afford basic necessities. Life is difficult for them in terms of their families struggling financially as well and studies are also affected. I am so worried about my little angels for what they are eating at the moment. Life has become so much more difficult for them and their families. In addition we decided to make food packs for my learners and their families. This included basic foods like fruits and vegetables, oil, flour and porridge, pasta and soup packs. We then distributed the packs among the learners families and the extra ones to the community member, who are very in need of something to eat. Furthermore my learners could not play freely with friends at school they cannot come to school to learn English. And some of the their parents have been retrenched due to COVID-19 and are unemployed, so the food packs were really a blessing to many. I would love to say a big thank you to CAN for constantly supporting me and many other people in all the projects. You are really making a good impact in the lifes of childen and their families of Namibia. By helping children we are making a world a better place for the future.“ – Erica Kamujame, Erica’s Pre-Primary and Havana Soup Kitchen

„Since COVID-19 the normality of the entire world has stopped from the beginning of 2020. Namibia Legends soccer coaching projects were put on hold, but it did not stop us to be effective in many ways. First of all we donated two of CFR Pforzheim full soccer kits to Havana Junior High School in Windhoek and Gerros Witbeen soccer academy in Tsumeb. Furthermore I along with my long time friend Allen Shekupe was previlaged and got travel permit for Windhoek and handed out food parcel it Havana, Ombili and Okahandja park shack settlements during COVID-19 hard economic times. Our next project when active sport will be permitted from 3rd June is to conduct our usual soccer coaching clinic at three towns – Outjo, Karibib and Osona Village. We will confirm dates as we all await when active sport will be permitted. Once again we are always very happy and glad for your forever contributions in our plight to reach the less fortunate in any form we may.“ – Konrad Costa Kheiseb, NPL Soccer Coaching Clinic

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